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Reviews of Alice's Yoga Classes

Pregnancy Yoga

"Yoga helped me so much with my pregnancy generally, but especially with my pelvic girdle pain. The opportunity to stretch and strengthen was very welcome, not to mention those precious moments to really be still and connect with baby before he arrived. Sometimes it was the only time in my week when my mind was still to focus on him which I am certain has helped with bonding.

It has been lovely to meet so many fabulous ladies through the course, the encouragement and support has been great. " Corinne

"I enjoyed your classes so much and want to thank you for the little piece of harmony I experienced every week in class after after long days at work. It was so nice to be amongst women who are in the same boat and your knowledge and experience meant I learned lots about relaxation and breathing to help me prepare for the birth." Emma

"The breathing & relaxation techniques I learnt in your yoga class were brilliant & helped me to keep my focus during the contractions. The midwives even commented that I had clearly been to a good class!...
I'd like to thank you Alice for running such wonderful classes & creating a relaxed, friendly environment to share pregnancy experiences with other ladies." Jessica

"Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend your classes earlier in the summer. I loved attending and got so much out of them. You really are a fabulous and dedicated yoga teacher!" Nitti

"Your classes really helped me through labour, it was amazing!" Jackie

"Thank you so much Alice, the classes have been beyond my expectations and have provided a really positive labour (something I've always been terrified about) and I won't hesitate to recommend you to anyone!" Jo

"Yoga with Alice was an absolute pleasure! Every week is different and Alice has lots of helpful tips and advice for coping with pregnancy and labour. A great chance to stretch, unwind and spend some time bonding with your bump! I will be returning to Alice for baby massage when my little bundle arrives. Thank you Alice" Becky

"I attended Grow Yoga for 12 sessions and they became an essential part of my pregnancy progress.  Before I finished work for maternity leave, my yoga sessions with Alice were my outlet for all of my work stresses and strains.  I had a history of high blood pressure but when I started yoga my blood pressure fell back to normal for the remainder of my pregnancy - I think this was due to my relaxing more.  When on maternity leave I continued the sessions and they definitely helped with my mobility and movement. My baby responded well to the classes and always seemed to kick and move about when I was in the session, particularly during deep breathing.   I have learnt lots of things that I will use in labour and am looking forward to attending mother and baby yoga in the New Year." Nikki

"I joined Alice's pregnancy yoga class for the last 11 weeks of my pregnancy. I went from feeling encumbered and immobile to feeling that I could be flexible and move comfortably right in the first class. I was amazed at how much movement I had in spite of my bump, and found that the stretches and moves every week really helped to ease the stiffness and aches and pains. When I got bad pelvic pain, Alice took great care to give separate instructions and suggested alternative or reduced movements so that I could still take part without exacerbating the condition. 

Her good advice about breathing and movement techniques has been reassuring in helping me to prepare for the birth of my baby and I will be sure to try the unforgettable camel walking technique! I also loved how she took the time at the start of every lesson to go round the room & allow everyone to share their pregnancy news of the week - it was great to hear from others feeling the same way and to be able to share ideas to help one another.

Finally, the pace of the lessons was really fantastic and I was surprised every week when it was time for the relaxation at the end already. Each lesson was like an oasis of calm and reassurance in a hectic life and I am heartily glad that I took part. I would recommend Alice's classes to anyone considering them - they helped on every level: physical, mental and emotional. Thank you to a lovely teacher with an amazing attitude and a really compassionate approach." Hilary

"I attended Alice's antenatal yoga class and was so impressed by her class that I also signed up and completed Alice's postnatal yoga and baby massage with my little girl. Alice is a fantastic teacher;  very welcoming and designs classes to suit all abilities offering a number of versions to the standard yoga poses. The classes also provided an invaluable support network, girls I met during antenatal yoga I continued to see during postnatal and baby massage." Lorraine

"Thank You SO much for all of the pregnancy yoga sessions I attended, including the very special yoga and birth session.  It really meant so much to come along once a week and spend some precious time focussing solely on me and baby Max inside me, as being pregnant for the second time round meant that ordinarily, time to do this, felt quite limited.  The Yoga and Birth session was particularly brilliant, as it filled me with much more confidence in birth as a natural, rather than a scary process! " Shona

"I loved the pregnancy yoga classes.  Alice creates a calm and welcoming environment and I really found them a proper escape from the daily grind and an ideal opportunity to relax and bond with my baby.  I had done pregnancy yoga with my first child but found Alice's classes far better, her clear instructions and relaxed manner meant more went in this time round, the breathing techniques were particularly invaluable in childbirth, definitely worth the money for them alone!" Beth

"I've had the great privilege of taking pregnancy yoga with Alice during both of my pregnancies. Before my first pregnancy I had never practised yoga before and was nervous. Alice is a fantastically positive person, with a great big heart and a shining smile and I always felt welcome. Often the highlight of my week, her classes gave me loads of different techniques to use during labour and I'm convinced that is why both of my homebirth experiences were amazing. I highly recommend practising yoga with Alice."  Cindy

"Alice's pregnancy yoga classes were great. I attended from about 16 weeks until just before birth and I'm sure they contributed to a happy, relaxed, first pregnancy and a very quick and manageable labour. The positions really helped me to stay feeling flexible and mobile throughout the pregnancy, as well as keeping any aches and pains at bay. The relaxation was a lovely chance to take time out and connect with my baby."  Jilly

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my pregnancy sessions with Alice. She is a very knowledgeable and positive teacher, who provides a mixture of challenging and relaxing classes." Ruth

"I have so enjoyed your yoga classes! It was a great way to unwind and spend time bonding with my baby after a stressful day at work. Your classes had a great structure and pace and your advice on breathing techniques and labour exercises are sure to be invaluable when the day finally arrives!" Rachel

"I so looked forward to Alice's classes. They were a time each week that I could focus on this pregnancy and put aside all the other busy parts of life. The excercise was great as further into pregnancy there wasn't a great deal of exercise I could do & I felt it kept me more supple & flexible. It was all very manageable & when I hurt my back Alice guided me through safe alternatives to some of the positions. I found yoga useful in my labour too and think it helps good positioning of the baby as well as keeping Mum and thus baby calm. Thank you very much Alice for your friendly and peaceful classes!" Tamara

"I did Pregnancy Yoga and Mum & Baby yoga classes with Alice. Both of these courses have been really good fun and beneficial. The pregnancy yoga was great to help with those daily symptoms and ups and downs, and Alice found a way to help us get through our pregnancy and make it through to the end in a calm, positive and uplifting way. As well as finding some time to get relaxed and feel calm, it was also a great way to get bonding with my baby. There were lots of useful techniques that helped when it came to labour. As I enjoyed the classes so much I was keen to try some mum and baby yoga, to help with my postnatal recovery but also have a way to help my baby develop. The classes have been so much fun and my daughter has really enjoyed them. I'd definitely recommend it and Alice is such a great teacher so you'll be in great hands!" Shareen & Yazmin 

"Thank you for your wonderful classes Alice. The breathing techniques helped me in early labour." Louise


Mum & Baby Yoga

"After doing the pregnancy yoga with Alice, Arabella and I have been going to Mum and Baby yoga since Arabella was about 6 weeks old (she is now almost 8 months) and I can honestly say it has been both of our favourite morning of the week!  The classes are a great mix of both yoga for me and Arabella. The classes are very relaxed and even when Arabella has been going through a difficult phase they have actually been the highlight of the week as she relaxes and laughs her way through her yoga section.  We have also been able to practice what we have learnt at home, which has been a lovely part of the pre-bedtime routine.  Alice also makes us delicious cakes and a cup of tea at the end which is just lovely, especially when it has been a long night!  I can’t recommend them highly enough!" Natalie & baby Arabella

"Grow Yoga is the perfect balance of mummy me time and 1:1 with your baby. Alice understands beautifully the demands of being a new parent, and creates a safe and relaxing environment. Seren really enjoys her classes and always sleeps well after! It's really helped me to gain the strength adn balance that I felt I had lost after the birth. Also the homemade cakes are a highlight of my week. Thank you Grow Yoga!" Rachel and baby Seren

"I attended Alice’s 5 week Mum and Baby Yoga Classes from when my little girl was 8 weeks old and it was the most incredible experience. Introducing my baby to such a stimulating way of stretches and exercises is such a lovely way to interact with her, she loves it and really made every effort to show me her enjoyment. Alice has a lovely way of integrating mum and baby into a yoga class, love all the little songs and rhymes we use them at home as well. Also was a great way to meet other mums in the class and hear about their updates on baby activity. Thoroughly enjoyed each and every Monday afternoon and look forward to attending Alice’s classes in the future. Will definitely book in advance next time to make sure I get slots as she’s very popular :) " Daniela & baby Seren

"Thank you Alice for baby yoga! Ted and I thoroughly enjoyed each lesson. Being a 1st time mum, I was worried about just leaving the house, let alone trying to settle my baby and follow instructions but Alice made us all feel at ease. I have learnt so much about yoga as well as ways I can be a better (& calmer) parent!" Alice & baby Ted 

"It's rare to find classes where both mum and baby are each getting something for themselves as well as doing an activity together. This course gives time and opportunity to do some real yoga as well as some great ideas for activities to do with baby at home. All delivered with warmth and friendliness and toped off with great cakes!!!" Claire & baby Elodie

"Brilliant, beautiful, baby bonding with chuckles, chats and a cuppa - that's time with the wonderful Alice. As a new mum looking for ways to spend precious quality time with my son I signed up for both the massage and yoga classes and I am so glad I did. From the moment you walk in through the door for the class all new found motherly worries disappear - Alice's sanctuary of yoga and massage is a place of inner calm and even relief from those sleepless nights. Alice puts you instantly at ease and it feels as if you've known her for ages. Her friendly calm manner coupled with a professional approach make her classes so enjoyable and worthwhile. 
So if you are looking for ways to spend quality-bonding time with your baby, then Alice is your answer. She is truly fantastic and we're going back for our second round of yoga classes we love it that much!" Kate & baby Hamish

"Charlie and I have absolutely loved mum and baby yoga with Alice and I have no hesitation in recommending these classes to anyone considering giving it a try!  Not only did I get to have a lovely stretch and un-knot some of those overused muscles (and let's not mention the core work!!) but it also proved to be a really lovely bonding time with my baby through massage, stretches and yoga (aided by nursery rhymes).  The classes are welcoming and relaxed, which sums up Alice too, all resulting in a happy mummy and sleepy baby every Monday afternoon!! :)" Carla & baby Charlie

"We enjoyed this so much we attended two courses! Alice makes you feel relaxed and at ease, even on those days when your baby doesn't want to practise yoga. The short chat at the beginning of each session helps you to get to know the other mums and realise that you aren't alone. The class involves a really good mix of yoga poses for mum and baby, along with songs, movement and relaxation." Sophie & baby Amelie

"Alfie and I enjoyed the mum and baby yoga sooooo much! Alfie became very animated during the class and clearly enjoyed the activities. We met lots of new mums and will greatly miss the classes. We wish Alice all the best for the birth of her baby." Nicky & baby Alfie

"I took my four month old son Archie to Alice's class and it is hard to say which of us enjoyed it more!!!!  I found the classes to be a great way to start some gentle toning and learn relaxation techniques to combat tiredness, and a wonderful way of bonding with my son and learning some stretches to incorporate into his daily play.  Archie absolutely loved it, and his first real giggles were at one of the yoga classes!  It was great to meet other mums with babies at a similar stage, and Alice is a very warm and relaxed teacher who creates a really supportive and fun atmosphere.  At the end of each class, Alice would produce some delicious cakes or biscuits to have with our tea, and we would sit and wind down together, which was a lovely way of concluding the lesson.  It was the highlight of the week for Archie and I and I can't recommend the classes highly enough." Lucy & baby Archie

"My son, Leo, and I both thoroughly enjoyed Alice's baby yoga course. I felt it struck a good balance between focus on baby and focus on mum. Having not practised yoga for several years, I felt the level was appropriate for beginners/ tired new mums.  The experience is completely relaxed so that there is no need to feel embarrassed if your baby cries or needs feeding/changing. I also found it a good way to get out of the house and spend some time bonding with my baby." Saira & baby Leo

"Grow Yoga was a brilliant class to do with my baby. Both me and my baby enjoyed interacting with each other and it was a great way to learn what my baby enjoyed. He was a little unsure of some of the positions initially but really developed and enjoyed it all by the end of the course. Life can seem like an endless treadmill of feeding, changing nappies and sleeping with a young baby. The yoga was a lovely chance to take the time to play and enjoy each other. I felt more confident in stretching my baby after doing the classes." Lucy & baby Dexter

"I thoroughly enjoyed doing pregnancy yoga with Alice and I thought I'd take up baby yoga as a means of getting out of the house, meeting new mothers and spending time with my baby. I must say that I love baby yoga! It has provided my baby and me an invaluable hour together once a week. I'm usually rushing about the house trying to get on top of house work or introducing my little one to people during the week and I am so grateful for that magical hour we have together during baby yoga. He loves the stretches and the interaction that we have and it's a time where I get the most smiles from him! As a bonus I've also met up with the other mummy yogis and have had wonderful coffee meet ups. Thank you so much Alice!" Tina & baby Dominic


Baby Massage

"Brilliant! I enjoyed both the pregnancy yoga as well as baby massage and I thought they were both really good. The massage is a wonderful way of bonding with your child, learning what they enjoy and what helps them with any little problems they have. Thoroughly recommend both to any expectant or new mums!" Suzy & baby Max

"The class was structured really well and everyone was made to feel exceptionally welcome and comfortable. My baby is now over three months and she enjoys massage time immensely. Alice is an excellent teacher and I have recommended her to my friends." Jo & baby Holly

"The baby massage course was brilliant.  Alice created a calm and relaxed environment for Mums and babies, although well structured and informative with the massage, we were always made to feel at ease with whatever our babies decided to do.  It was lovely to have some proper one on one time with my son, he still loves his massage and always sleeps really well afterwards. Thank you." Beth & baby Toby 


Free Taster Classes

You can use this form to send me a message or you can email me directly to book your free taster session.

Please call me on 07890 100105 if you have any questions.